Stuck At Home Series – Let There Be Light

The stuck at home series:

One of the most challenging parts of photography for me is coming up with an idea of what to shoot. Sometimes inspiration strikes and the shot I take requires no real planning. Other times, I will literally spend an entire day trying to come up with an idea. This usually happens to me on days that I am working or days when the weather is just miserable. So… what to do then? I have a couple of go to ideas that I will do when I’m not able to be out in nature. I will be explaining these ideas through a series of posts and hopefully at least one will inspire someone to try something new on a rainy day!

Light Photography:

I really enjoy doing light photos because they can be as complicated or as simple as I like. The possibilities are virtually endless. I tend to do simpler shots but I still get good results.  I do not have fancy equipment like light brushes so I have to resort to using things I have around the house.  On some occasions I am able to take light photos when I am out and about so I included a few of those shots as well.


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