Rhine River Tour

While I was in Germany in October, I had the opportunity to take a Rhine River boat tour. The tour lasted several hours and ended right around sunset.

The Rhine Valley is a gorgeous place and it was a lovely day. I love watching ships, so it was great to see so many crossing back and forth while we sailed along. I hope you enjoy the photos!

Sankt Goarshausen

Here are some photographs I took in Sankt Goarshausen, Germany. This is a town along the Rhine River that has some excellent wine and a castle. The tour boat we took dropped us here for for a few hours so we could explore the town.

There is a rock formation nearby that historically caused several boating accidents throughout history. Some of the local legends here however say that a siren named Lorelie (or Loreley as it is sometimes spelled) actually caused the accidents. There is a statue of her close by and several depictions of her can be found around town.

Boppard, Germany

Today I have a collection of photographs I took in Boppard, Germany in October. Boppard is town along the Rhine River. This region of Germany is a popular destination because of the wineries and the beautiful scenery. We took a river cruise from here and I will be sharing the photos from that later this week.

Also included in this collection are the shots from the chairlift we took at the beginning of the day. It was an incredibly cool way to see the area for the first time!

Random Wuppertal Shots Pt II

Today I have the second set of random shots I took while walking around Wuppertal. I hope you like them! Wuppertal is incredibly hilly and almost seems like how imagine San Francisco. We did over nine miles that day and I think I am still feeling it today!

Wuppertal Schwebebahn

While I was in Germany, I had the opportunity to ride the schwebebahn on Wuppertal. The schwebebahn is a suspension train that runs through the city. It was different from anything I had ever seen before!


At one point along the tram line in the middle of the river there is a statue of Tuffi the elephant. This is where the elephant decided to jump off the train and into the river. Her handler thought Tuffi riding the train would be good advertisement for the circus they were a part of. I actually saw a woman with a Tuffi sweatshirt while i was at the botanical garden in town!

Skulpturenpark Waldfrieden Pt I

Today I have the first set of photos I took at Skulpturenpark Waldfrieden (the Wuppertal Sculpture Park). The park was started by the artist Tony Cragg and he has several pieces on display there. I hope you enjoy them!  My second set of photos from the park will be posted tomorrow.