Meal Time At Tuckahoe

Here are some pictures of meal time at Tuckahoe Creek. The Great Blue Herons had some good luck, but they were completely overshadowed by the otters. I have never seen such a successful group of predators in person before. I’m glad I am not a fish in this creek! I hope you enjoy these shots at much as I do!

Occoneechee State Park

On Friday, I visited Occoneechee State Park in Clarksville, Virginia. The park gets it’s name from the Native Americans that called this area home for centuries. While the trails weren’t the most challenging, it was a relaxing hike (for the most part). I did end up cutting my hike short due to some rainy, windy weather. I did just over nine miles total.

This park has several opportunities for camping, including some cabins and an equestrian campground. Horses are allowed on the Pan Handle Multi-Use Trail. This happens to be the trail I did not finish as it was getting too muddy for my boots to handle. I did see several horses that were working their way along with no issue.

Occoneechee hugs Virginia’s largest lake, Buggs Island Lake. The sections of trail I did were close to the water, but I was never able to get a clear view of it.

I hope you enjoy the photos!

Tuckahoe Creek Park

I recently went to Tuckahoe Creek Park in Henrico County. This park is tucked between a neighborhood and a wetland filled with wildlife. Due to it’s proximity to the water, the only walkway is a well maintained boardwalk. It was very popular with the people in the surrounding homes. I will definitely be going back!

Otterly Adorable

I recently got a tip on where to find a river otter. After sitting in the rain for a while, I finally found one! It looked right at the camera several times like it was posing for me. It was great!