Long Exposure Light Photography

One of my new favorite photography tricks is using different light sources to take long exposure shots. The shutter time varies based on what I want to get but once I hit the shutter button I will shake and/or adjust the zoom on the camera. You can also do this by keeping the camera andContinue reading “Long Exposure Light Photography”

Stuck At Home Series – Prisms & Fractals

Last year for Christmas I received a package of prisms and a set of fractals for my photography. I have been able to create some very unique pictures using them. If you are interested, you can find the fractals here and the prisms here. They are a great way to make what would be aContinue reading “Stuck At Home Series – Prisms & Fractals”

Stuck At Home Series – Let There Be Light

The stuck at home series: One of the most challenging parts of photography for me is coming up with an idea of what to shoot. Sometimes inspiration strikes and the shot I take requires no real planning. Other times, I will literally spend an entire day trying to come up with an idea. This usuallyContinue reading “Stuck At Home Series – Let There Be Light”

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