Cat Fanciers’ Association Cat Show: Richmond 2022

I recently had the chance to go to a cat show for the first time. The event was put on by the Cat Fanciers’ Association. Cat shows are very similar to their canine counterparts in that they include several categories where the animals are judged on conformation, appearance and even agility in some cases!

Our favorite part of the show was a competition for household cats. Competitors in this group just need to be spayed/neutered, in good health, full of personality and not declawed. I was great to see some “everyday” cats getting in on the excitement.

It was fascinating to see the judges looking over each cat to make their assessments. I do not envy those who had to judge them. I thought they were all winners!

Entry to the show was $8 for adults (I am not sure if this is the same for every show). Be sure to bring along some spending money as well, there are vendors selling cat related items at these events!

For more information on the CFA’s cat shows and how to find an event near you, click here.

Household Pet Competition:

Here are the current household pet standings.

Other Contestants:

Here are the best cats in the non-household competitions.

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