Otterly Obsessed

I recently went back to Tuckahoe Creek Park to find more otters. This time, instead of getting one brief glimpse of an otter, I got the chance to watch six different individuals! I obviously got over excited and took too many photographs. Here are the better ones of what I got. I tried to narrowContinue reading “Otterly Obsessed”

Meal Time At Tuckahoe

Here are some pictures of meal time at Tuckahoe Creek. The Great Blue Herons had some good luck, but they were completely overshadowed by the otters. I have never seen such a successful group of predators in person before. I’m glad I am not a fish in this creek! I hope you enjoy these shotsContinue reading “Meal Time At Tuckahoe”

Tuckahoe Creek Park

I recently went to Tuckahoe Creek Park in Henrico County. This park is tucked between a neighborhood and a wetland filled with wildlife. Due to it’s proximity to the water, the only walkway is a well maintained boardwalk. It was very popular with the people in the surrounding homes. I will definitely be going back!

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