Cricket Frogs

I recently had the good luck to find some small cricket frogs while hiking in Pocahontas State Park. I would have completely missed them had I not seen some movement out of the corner of my eye. I used a macro lens to get these shots. I hope you like them! Please enjoy the “tripod”Continue reading “Cricket Frogs”

Another Box Turtle Friend

While exploring in the city recently, I stumbled upon another box turtle friend. It was sunning itself on an offshoot of the Lowline Trail. I snapped several photos while it patiently waited for me to finish up. It slowly made it’s was towards the grass, and I let it on it’s merry way. It wasContinue reading “Another Box Turtle Friend”

The Robins Nature Center

The Robins Nature Center is a special part of Maymont Park. In this nature center you can find a variety of wildlife on display, informative signs and (most importantly) Louis the river otter! There is a small gift shop in the nature center and there is a fee to get in. If you are visitingContinue reading “The Robins Nature Center”

Exploring Rockwood Park

Rockwood Park has a rather easy trail system that I thoroughly enjoy exploring. A stretch of the orange trails hugs the banks of a private pond. While I cannot go in the pond, I love seeing the wildlife that calls it home. I have never seen so many wild turtles and dragonflies in one place!Continue reading “Exploring Rockwood Park”

Rockwood Park Nature Center

On my most recent trip to Rockwood Park, I was able to visit their newly renovated nature center. The nature center is free to enter, as it is paid for my tax money collected by the local government. It was a nice stop at the end of a very sweaty hike!

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