A Celebration Of Life

How does one say goodbye to a 19 year old cat? One who has been around for about as long as you can remember. A cat who was there for your grandfather through two bouts of lung cancer and the passing of his wife. The same one who was there for you during a severeContinue reading “A Celebration Of Life”

River Inhabitants

Here are some photos I took recently of the the inhabitants of the James River. I have posted about them several times before, but as long as they keep posing for me, I am going to keep “shooting”! I hope you like these shots!

Stormy Trails

Here are some photos I took during my stormy hike on Sunday. I had planned on doing a wide loop around the river, but the weather changed my plans. July here in Richmond has been a pretty finicky month between the heat and the rain. I managed to get back home just before the stormContinue reading “Stormy Trails”

“Less” Pretty Things

Here are some photos I have taken recently of the “less” pretty things around Richmond. I am hoping to show the beauty in some of these traditionally “undesirable” subjects. Some of the animals pictured here are actually cute in my eyes, but I know they are not to other people. I know that reptiles willContinue reading ““Less” Pretty Things”