A Celebration Of Life

How does one say goodbye to a 19 year old cat? One who has been around for about as long as you can remember. A cat who was there for your grandfather through two bouts of lung cancer and the passing of his wife. The same one who was there for you during a severe knee injury and the passing of your grandfather. One who moved hundreds of miles to be with you (twice) and made her new home hers like it was always there for her taking. How does one sum up such an important chapter of their life?

A good friend of mine told me after her beloved Quincy Bean passed away that putting her feelings in writing helped with things after her passing. I guess that is what I am trying to do here. Thanks for coming along with me on this ride.

In Memoriam:

Muffin Given/Bab

Muffin “Das Moof”, “Skrungamunga”, “The Moofaloofagoose” was laid to rest on September 18th, 2023 after a long battle with cognitive decline. She is predeceased by her owners, Donna and Charles Given, Maggie Kate the basset hound and several other wayward cats from Russell, New York. She is survived by her new parents, Katemom and The Dad Person, as well as two feline companions, Bruce and Mako. Donations in her honor can be made to your local senior pet rescue or the My Grandfather’s Cat organization.

The Life Of A Moof

Muffin was presumably born in the woods somewhere in Northern New York. As a young kitten, she was found in a garage by a seven year old girl during summer break. The girl was unable to keep Muffin, but her grandfather took her in without hesitation. It took her some time to figure out her new arrangements, as she was not really old enough to be away from her cat mother yet. She was taken under the wing (or ears) of a cantankerous basset hound named Maggie. Eventually, she learned what it meant to have a home.

As Muffin grew older, she began to explore the wilderness around her more. One can only image the scraps she got into with the local raccoons, coyotes and other unfortunate fauna that dared to challenge her. She was an excellent hunter of both wild and pre-harvested game. One of her favorite activities was stealing fresh deer meat as it was being butchered. She also came to love dairy, a habit that would stay with her for life.

Tragedy struck in 2014 when one of her owners became ill and passed away. She was now partially responsible for keeping an eye on her beloved father during times of mourning and illness. She was his diligent, if not pestering, companion until his passing in 2020. He was heard once saying “if you do not leave me alone I will put you in the ground before they have a chance to put me there”. Luckily for Muffin, this was an empty threat.

After the passing of her human, the future became very unclear for Muffin. She was a 16 year old cat in need of a new start. She was alone for some time in her home with one other cat, who’s company she did not necessarily enjoy. After some months and the lifting of Covid restrictions, the grown up version of the girl who found Muffin returned to take her to her new home.

Muffin was unsure of her new arrangement at first. She had new cat siblings to adjust to. Muffin had lived with several other cats in her time and never took a liking to any of them. She was no longer going to be allowed outside. Going outside was always something that she had enjoyed. The transition period was a rocky one at first. Eventually however, Muffin adjusted.

Once comfortable in her new surroundings, Muffin came out of her shell. She began playing with toys and getting the zoomies. She slowly came to love her new brothers, and was caught snuggling with them on numerous occasions. Her diet consisted of special renal food and two churus a day. She also enjoyed “night cheese” and was once given a Muffin sized grilled cheese.

Unfortunately her last days were  fraught with confusion. She began to lose track of time and familiar things became unfamiliar.  Muffin crossed into the next life with her loving parents early Monday morning. She was loved by many and will be remembered fondly.



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