Koln Walking Tour

Today I have a series of photos I took during a walking tour of Koln. It was very informative and our tour guide was great! Our tour was through this company and I would highly recommend looking them up if you are in town!

DISCLAIMER: The last few photos are not as work appropriate, so scroll at your own risk after the first set. Enjoy!



Now the progressively less appropriate photos.

You were warned.


This statue is about a local woman who had a booth at the local market selling produce. She had an admirer that she rejected constantly. According to local legend, he joined the army as a form of suicide but ended up being promoted several times until he became a high ranking solider. Once he returned to Koln, the woman was suddenly quite interested in him. He was no longer interested in entertaining her and I believed she ended up dying alone. Locals still have thoughts about her “gold digging”.


This set is of Agrippina, a Roman empress who had several husbands who died of… mysterious circumstances. She has a black widow on the bottom of her statue. She also has her son Nero with her. You can read more about her here.


This set is of a protest put up across from a government building and the government’s response.



Next up is the truly NSFW photo. Final warning.


This is the statue that was put up in honor of the man who decided to tax beer in Koln. He was clearly quite popular.

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