Massawepie Easement

The day after Thanksgiving I was lucky enough to spend a day hiking at Massawepie with some of my family. I don’t think the temperature passed 20 degrees and the wind was picking up at times, but it was a beautiful day. It had snowed a few inches the night before so there was a fresh dusting on the ground. Along part of the trail I was even able to see the tallest mountain in St. Lawrence County.  I only had a 17-35mm wide angle lens that day, so I was not able to get any long distance shots. This only mattered twice… We found two otters that were too far away for a good shot and a Ruby Crowned Kinglet.

Once we were done hiking, we stopped at the Raquette River Brewing Company for some pizza and beverages. It was a great day!

For more information on Massawepie, visit Hiking The Trail To Yesterday!

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