Whiteoak Canyon & Cedar Run Loop

Over the weekend, my husband and I went to Shenandoah National Park and did the Whiteoak Canyon and Cedar Run Loop. The trail was just shy of nine miles and had 2,365′ of elevation gain. This was definitely a challenging trail, but it was very enjoyable (during most parts). We started at the trailhead onContinue reading “Whiteoak Canyon & Cedar Run Loop”

River Inhabitants

Here are some photos I took recently of the the inhabitants of the James River. I have posted about them several times before, but as long as they keep posing for me, I am going to keep “shooting”! I hope you like these shots!

Stormy Trails

Here are some photos I took during my stormy hike on Sunday. I had planned on doing a wide loop around the river, but the weather changed my plans. July here in Richmond has been a pretty finicky month between the heat and the rain. I managed to get back home just before the stormContinue reading “Stormy Trails”

Shenandoah Waterfall Hike

Here are some photos I took during a recent Shenandoah waterfall hike I took over Memorial Day Weekend. I love hiking in Shenandoah, but it challenges me every time! This particular loop was supposed to be 7.8 miles. However, according to my tracking on AllTrails we actually did 11 miles. There were several steep sectionsContinue reading “Shenandoah Waterfall Hike”

“Less” Pretty Things

Here are some photos I have taken recently of the “less” pretty things around Richmond. I am hoping to show the beauty in some of these traditionally “undesirable” subjects. Some of the animals pictured here are actually cute in my eyes, but I know they are not to other people. I know that reptiles willContinue reading ““Less” Pretty Things”