2023 Speed Bouldering Competition Pt 1

These are (some) of the photographs I took during the speed bouldering competition that took place during Riverrock. During the competition, climbers go up identical courses and race each other. Once they are done, they rest for a bit and then switch sides and race again. Although the courses are identical, going up each side ensures that everyone has a fair shot. The climbers from each gender with the fastest times are the winners.

I watched the qualifying, semi-finals and final rounds and it was so much fun to watch. As the competition went on, the competitors kept getting faster and faster. By the final round, some climbers were completing the course in less that 5 seconds!

This batch of photos is of the qualifying round. I will be posting my shots from the semi-final and final rounds tomorrow. Next week I also have a set of candid photographs I took during the competition. I hope you enjoy them!

If you are interested in seeing the names of the winners, click here. Joe Goodacre (pink shorts) and Hellen Gillet (red tank) took first place.

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