Sky After The Storm

On Friday, we had a big storm here in Richmond. We even had a tornado warning in place for a while! We didn’t get any major damage but the storm was wild. After the storm passed, I went to Jefferson Park to take pictures. I didn’t get a great sunset due to all of the cloudsContinue reading “Sky After The Storm”

High Bridge Trail State Park

Over the weekend, I hiked a portion of  High Bridge Trail State Park. This park has one main trail that is actually ~31 miles long and can be used for hiking, biking and horseback riding. There are two separate parking lots that serve this area. Should the need arise, there are several bathroom facilities alongContinue reading “High Bridge Trail State Park”

Fall In RVA Pt I

This is my first fall in RVA. The timing has been different than it is back in New York so I have been a bit thrown off.  I am thoroughly enjoying it however. The other day, I walked all around the city taking pictures along the river. I ended up taking so many that IContinue reading “Fall In RVA Pt I”

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