James River North Bank and Buttermilk Loop Trail

The James River North Bank and Buttermilk Loop Trail is a 6.2 mile hiking/biking trail in Richmond. It goes along both banks of the James River and includes two bridge crossings. I started by going across the Belle Isle Suspension Bridge to get to the Buttermilk Trail. This trail was moderately challenging but nothing tooContinue reading “James River North Bank and Buttermilk Loop Trail”

Brown’s Island, Richmond

Brown’s Island is a community park located in Richmond. From here, you can reach the T. Tyler Potterfield Bridge, Tredegar Street and the Pipeline Walkway. The James River Canal runs along one side while the James River runs along the other side. This island is well manicured and is now used for musical events. ForContinue reading “Brown’s Island, Richmond”

Trains and Roadways Of Richmond

Some parts of Richmond are a very intricate labyrinth of trains and roadways. Richmond is also home to the Triple Crossing, a rare spot where three separate rail lines pass over each other in one spot. It is impressive to see older buildings woven in between new (and old) transportation routes.┬áThe Main Street Station isContinue reading “Trains and Roadways Of Richmond”

Belle Isle, Richmond

Belle Isle is a small island in the James River that is very popular with locals and tourists. There are several thoughtfully planned trails that are great for hikers and mountain bikers. There is also a skills area available for people with the appropriate bikes. During my wandering, I saw kayakers and free climbers takingContinue reading “Belle Isle, Richmond”

T. Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge

The T. Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge is a pedestrian footbridge that connects Brown’s Island to the Manchester area of Richmond. It is named after an architect that worked here in Richmond. It was built on top of an old concrete damn and has several informational placards detailing the history of the area. You can getContinue reading “T. Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge”

RVA Pipeline Walkway

If you are interested in exploring an unusual part of Richmond, I suggest the Pipeline Walkway. This catwalk runs on top of a drainage pipe and under a railway. The parking lot for the walkway is just off to the side of the Canal Walk Murals. To get to the pipeline you have to goContinue reading “RVA Pipeline Walkway”

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