Sky After The Storm

On Friday, we had a big storm here in Richmond. We even had a tornado warning in place for a while! We didn’t get any major damage but the storm was wild. After the storm passed, I went to Jefferson Park to take pictures. I didn’t get a great sunset due to all of the cloudsContinue reading “Sky After The Storm”

Fall In RVA Pt I

This is my first fall in RVA. The timing has been different than it is back in New York so I have been a bit thrown off.  I am thoroughly enjoying it however. The other day, I walked all around the city taking pictures along the river. I ended up taking so many that IContinue reading “Fall In RVA Pt I”

Chapel Island & Great Shiplock Park

A few weeks ago, I took a trip to Chapel Island & Great Shiplock Park in Richmond. I have written about this area before in my post about RVA’s parks. This is a fun place to spend an hour or two exploring. I hope you enjoy my most recent batch of photos from here!

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