Snapshots of the City – A Very New York City Christmas

There is something┬ámagical about New York City during Christmas. The decorations go all out and there are little Christmas villages everywhere. You can see literally hundreds of Christmas trees, including the tree. I was not able to get a good picture of Rockefeller Center during any of my trips, but I was able to captureContinue reading “Snapshots of the City – A Very New York City Christmas”

New York City Trip 11/11/21

On Thursday, my husband and I went into New York City for the first time since the pandemic started. There were definitely less people around but the city was far from empty. It was good to be back after so much time. Edge NYC: We started off the day by visiting the Edge in HudsonContinue reading “New York City Trip 11/11/21”

Snapshots of the City – A Covid Coney Island

Coney Island… Growing up I had heard so much about this location it hardly seemed real. My head filled with images of non-stop carnivals and oddities. As a lover of all things bizarre this sounded amazing. Nothing prepared me for just how otherworldly it would seem when I finally got to see it. I wentContinue reading “Snapshots of the City – A Covid Coney Island”

Snapshots of the City – The Vessel

Prior to the pandemic I was lucky enough to take a trip to see The Vessel. I visited a few months after it had opened in Hudson Yards. At that time I was able to get a (free) ticket to climb to the top and experience the city in a new way. Sadly, a seriesContinue reading “Snapshots of the City – The Vessel”

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