RVA Parks

Richmond has several great parks scattered all over the city. I have not come close to hitting all of them but I look forward to visiting many more. This is a list of some of the places I have gone so far. Every park on this list is free to enter.

The Low Line:

The Low Line runs along part of the James River and the Kanawha Canal. It runs between the Canal Walk and Great Shiplock Park. It is well manicured and easily walkable for most people.

Great Shiplock Park & Chapel Island Park:

These parks are also on the small side but they are fantastic spots to visit. When I went I saw several people fishing and exploring along the little trail network. You can also get some great views of Downtown and the Lucky Strike Building.

Libby Hill Park:

This park is just on the other side of the Lucky Strike Building. You can either go up a massive staircase to get to the top of the hill, or you can walk up the side with the ramp (I chose the second option). It gives great views of the city and I will be back soon to take sunset photos.


Chimborazo Park:

Chimborazo was once a booming military hospital during the Civil War. The National Park Service has a medical museum set up on the grounds. There is also a mini Statue of Liberty donated by the Boy Scouts of America in the 50s.

Church Hill Overlook:

This park is incredibly small but worth a visit. It is just big enough to look over the city. There is no official parking lot that I saw, but there is street parking available.

Jefferson Park:

Like Libby Hill, this park also has a large staircase to get to the top. Once at the top, there is a playground, exercise equipment and several benches overlooking the city.


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