Lake Anna State Park

A few weeks ago, I went out to Spotsylvania to visit Lake Anna State Park. It was in the mid-thirties and quite muddy, but I had a great time. I did about 8 miles including the Goodwin Gold Mine Loop.

While hiking, I found several traces of the wildlife that calls Lake Anna home. I found several “deposits” from the local coyotes. I also found several tracks in the mud that I am working of identifying.  So far, I have picked out several raccoon tracks, what is either a dog or coyote track, and what may possibly be a bobcat. If anyone has a definite ID, please leave me a comment! I am trying to get better at wildlife tracking and will appreciate any tips.

If You Visit:

Since I visited midweek on a chilly February day, I spent most of my time in complete solitude. If you chose to visit during warmer months, please be advised that (according to their website) the park frequently has to stop allowing new visitors in because they have reached capacity. If you want to go then, try to get there early. The typical parking fee required by all state parks is applicable here, or you can get in with the State Park Pass.

The park has several campsites, a visitor center, fishing sites and a swimming beach. They also apparently offer guided tours to a gold mine on site. If you like to ride horses on trail, there are designated areas throughout the park to explore. There is something here for almost everyone.

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