Cumberland State Forest

On Sunday, my husband and I did some hiking in Cumberland State Forest. We were looking to do an 8 mile loop along the Cumberland Multiuse Trail that we found on AllTrails, but we had to pivot due to a lack of parking in that area. Instead, we did a different section of that trail and used the Willis River Trail to make a loop. In total we did about 6.5 miles.

Once we got on the trail, it was great. There was some variation in scenery as you went along and it went through some fairly deep woods. It was also nice because we did not see a single person other than the two of us while on trail. There were a few (very easy) water crossings but our boots never got fully wetted. The streams also provided good opportunities to see frogs and even a small crayfish!

To get on the section of the trail we did, we parked in the Pine Knob Bike Park in Bear Creek Lake State Park. This state park is fully within the state forest boundaries, so you weave between both places.

I would highly reccomemnd this hike, but I would not rely on AllTrails to be much help. Portions of the trail we did were not showing up on AllTrails at all. Be sure to pick up a state park and a state forest map before venturing too far from your car. The informational kiosk at the parking lot has both!

You can see our route here.

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