Ultimate Air Dogs Pt 3

Today I will be sharing my last set of photos from the Ultimate Air Dogs competition at Riverrock. As you can probably tell from the numbers of photos I took, this was one of my favorite parts of the festival. If you ever have the opportunity to watch this contest, I would highly recommend it!

This set includes several first time jumpers. Freya the corgi, Cappuccino the dachshund and Barkley the mixed breed really caught my attention. They all loved swimming in the water, but the dock proved to be too high for their little legs. Little Barkley (our featured star) is named after the one and only Charles Barkely. He showed a lot of heart and was a good sport. His jumping career was short lived, but he gave it his all! On the other hand, first time jumper Juno the gray Cane Corso landed an 18’+ jump in her first showing. She is only 8 months old, so she may be one to watch going forward!

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