Around the James Again

If you have been following this blog for a while now, I’m sure that at this point you have figured out that I am obsessed with the James River. I love the fact that Richmond built itself around the river without taking too much away from it’s natural beauty. Here is another set of photosContinue reading “Around the James Again”

Kate Bab Photo’s One Year Anniversary!

Kate Bab Photography is officially one year old today! Thank you all so much for your support! I was nervous to put myself out here like this, but I have gotten nothing but support. I look forward to many more years! In honor of this milestone, I am sharing 24 of my favorite photos fromContinue reading “Kate Bab Photo’s One Year Anniversary!”

Baby Toad In The Leaves

On a hike last month, I made a fantastic discovery. While I was wandering along, I saw a very small object moving across the trail. Upon further inspection I found a very small toad! This little creature was very polite and let me do a little photo shoot! I have included a a photo ofContinue reading “Baby Toad In The Leaves”

For The Birds: Osprey

Osprey are one of my all time favorite subjects to photograph. They can be found on every continent except for Antarctica and live in a wide variety of watery habitats. They are usually monogamous and return to the same nesting spot each year. There is a very large population of Osprey here in Richmond. HopefullyContinue reading “For The Birds: Osprey”

RVA Floodwall Park

During the 1990s, a floodwall was built around Richmond to protect it from rising water levels. There is a walkway along the wall that you can explore. It hugs very closely to the river and offers great opportunities to view wildlife. This park is free to visit and there is a parking lot on oneContinue reading “RVA Floodwall Park”

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