For The Birds: Osprey

Osprey are one of my all time favorite subjects to photograph. They can be found on every continent except for Antarctica and live in a wide variety of watery habitats. They are usually monogamous and return to the same nesting spot each year. There is a very large population of Osprey here in Richmond. HopefullyContinue reading “For The Birds: Osprey”

RVA Floodwall Park

During the 1990s, a floodwall was built around Richmond to protect it from rising water levels. There is a walkway along the wall that you can explore. It hugs very closely to the river and offers great opportunities to view wildlife. This park is free to visit and there is a parking lot on oneContinue reading “RVA Floodwall Park”

Street Art And Murals

Street art and murals can add an exciting flair to an otherwise boring scene. I really enjoy the colors and the different styles people choose (when done tastefully). This is a great way for artists to express themselves. There are some places on Long Island that I like to go to so I can photographContinue reading “Street Art And Murals”

Long Island Out Of The Darkness Walk – Team Vet Med

My husband and I recently participated in the  Long Island Out Of The Darkness Walk. We walked in honor of the the veterinary community as Team Vet Med. The veterinary field is facing a mental health crisis right now that seems to be going unnoticed. Veterinary staff have to go through years of intense medicalContinue reading “Long Island Out Of The Darkness Walk – Team Vet Med”

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