River Inhabitants

Here are some photos I took recently of the the inhabitants of the James River. I have posted about them several times before, but as long as they keep posing for me, I am going to keep “shooting”! I hope you like these shots!

“Less” Pretty Things

Here are some photos I have taken recently of the “less” pretty things around Richmond. I am hoping to show the beauty in some of these traditionally “undesirable” subjects. Some of the animals pictured here are actually cute in my eyes, but I know they are not to other people. I know that reptiles willContinue reading ““Less” Pretty Things”

Northern Water Snakes

While walking around the James River recently, I happened to find several northern water snakes sunning themselves on the rocks. Northern (or common) water snakes are not venomous but they can be highly aggressive if they feel threatened. These animals are best viewed from a distance. The ones I saw did not seem to mindContinue reading “Northern Water Snakes”

Buddies of Belle Isle

Just over a week ago, I did some more hiking on Belle Isle in Richmond. This is a favorite spot of mine as it is close by and an easy hike. Instead of sticking to the main trail around the island the whole time, I went up the hill and explored the “higher elevations”. ThisContinue reading “Buddies of Belle Isle”

Floodwall Friday

Okay so full disclosure, I actually took these pictures on Sunday BUT “Floodwall Friday” was the best title I could come up with. If you have been following this page for a while, you know that the Floodwall is one of my favorite places in town. It is an easy walk along the river thatContinue reading “Floodwall Friday”