RVA Pipeline Walkway

If you are interested in exploring an unusual part of Richmond, I suggest the Pipeline Walkway. This catwalk runs on top of a drainage pipe and under a railway. The parking lot for the walkway is just off to the side of the Canal Walk Murals. To get to the pipeline you have to go down a metal ladder. The catwalk is a bit narrow, so use care when passing other visitors. I would also advise skipping this stop if the water level in the river is high for safety reasons. Sensible shoes are a must.

Once on the trail, you will pass by the blue heron rookery and some white water rapids. The trail ends under the Manchester Bridge and a short walk up the embankment leads to Brown’s Island. I have already been here twice and extended my trip both times (first by going to the T. Tyler Potterfield Bridge, then by going to the Belle Isle Suspension Bridge).

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