Hollywood Cemetery Pt. 1

Recently, I took a trip to Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia. This is a large cemetery that borders the James River. This cemetery is “home” to two US presidents, a Confederate president, several governors and other people of prominence. You can browse their list of notable sights here and here.

I took so many photographs while here that I had to separate them into two separate posts. The collection of photographs I have for you today includes a former Vice-Consul of Norway & Sweden, the Palmer Chapel Mausoleum and the alleged home of the Richmond Vampire (more on him in a bit). It was a truly great visit.

The Richmond Vampire

According to local legend, the Richmond Vampire calls Hollywood Cemetery home. There are a few different stories about the origins of the vampire. Some suggest that when the Church Hill Tunnel collapsed in 1925, the cracks in the ground “released” the vampire. Apparently some believed that the vampire was seen feasting on the remains of the rail workers trapped inside and then chased to the cemetery. Another theory is that W. W. Pool left England after it was discovered that he was a vampire and he settled down in Richmond. A more likely explanation is that one of the rail workers that initially survived the crash was mistaken for a “monster” due to his injuries prior to succumbing to them. I have also seen some combinations of these theories.

Whatever the history may or may not be, its an interesting piece of Richmond history.

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