Hollywood Cemetery Pt. 2

Yesterday I shared part one of my Hollywood Cemetery photos. Today, I am sharing the rest of the images I got. In today’s collection I have the resting sites of former US Presidents James Monroe and John Tyler. I also have the Confederate Soldiers Monument and the Iron Dog.

Presidents Monroe and Tyler

These are the final resting places of Presidents James Monroe and John Tyler. The area they are in has several cherry trees which make the spot absolutely beautiful in the spring. Monroe’s final resting place is inside the ornate, white structure. Tyler’s location is marked by a tall monument with a metal bust of him.

The Iron Dog

The Iron Dog is a statue of a newfoundland dog that looks over the burial site of Florence Bernardin Rees. According to the info given on the virtual tour, Florence passed away at two years of age. The statue originally belonged to her grandfather and it was placed at her grave after her death. The girl passed away during the Civil War and the dog may or may not have been at risk of being melted down to make munitions. Others see it as the dog “watching over” the young girl. Either way, it is a wonderful (yet sad) spot.

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