Saturday Snapshots

Here are some snapshots I took on Saturday. I hope you enjoy them!

Pocahontas State Park

I started my day off doing a solo hike in Pocahontas State Park. I did around 8.8 miles in just over three hours. Though I started with a good pace, but I kept getting distracted by things to photograph. It was a great, relaxing time. As an added bonus, I was able to see a species of endangered turtle that I had never seen in the wild before!

Riverfront Canal Cruises

After I got home and showered, I went with my husband down to the James River Canal. We won two tickets for a boat ride with Riverfront Canal Cruises through an Instagram contest. The cruise lasted about 40 minutes, and the boatman told us about the history of the area. We were also lucky enough to see a great blue heron, a muskrat and several turtles.

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