Pocahontas State Park Co-Op Trail

I recently explored the Co-Op Trail at Pocahontas State Park. This trail is a balloon loop that is approximately 4 miles long. A large portion of the trail hugs close to Swift Creek Lake. While I was there, the leaves still had plenty of colors to show. The temperature was in the low sixties, makingContinue reading “Pocahontas State Park Co-Op Trail”

Cricket Frogs

I recently had the good luck to find some small cricket frogs while hiking in Pocahontas State Park. I would have completely missed them had I not seen some movement out of the corner of my eye. I used a macro lens to get these shots. I hope you like them! Please enjoy the “tripod”Continue reading “Cricket Frogs”

The Fendley Station Trail

When things were going well: It was a hot and humid day (91 with 95% humidity to be exact) but I am doing a hiking challenge and I wanted to get extra miles. I looked over my park map and found a trail that was just over 9 miles long. It was the Fendley StationContinue reading “The Fendley Station Trail”

Pocahontas State Park

Pocahontas State Park is located in Chesterfield County, Virginia. In addition to an extensive trail network, there is also a campground, a nature center and a Civilian Conservation Corps museum. The CCC helped develop the land before it was established as a state park in 1946. Currently, upkeep of the park is partially accomplished byContinue reading “Pocahontas State Park”

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