Shenandoah’s Tallest Peak

Over the weekend, I climbed Shenandoah’s tallest peak. The tallest peak in the park is called Hawksbill Mountain. While the trail to the top of the mountain is short, it is quite steep. We saw several hikers who had to take multiple breaks on the way up (including me, the Covid after effects are stillContinue reading “Shenandoah’s Tallest Peak”

Grayson Highlands & Mount Rogers Loop

My husband and I recently took a trip to Mouth of Wilson, Virginia to visit the Grayson Highlands. We stayed in a lovely¬† Airbnb (which I strongly recommend) that was just minutes from the park. It was a fantastic vacation. On our first full day in the park we hiked just shy of 14 miles.Continue reading “Grayson Highlands & Mount Rogers Loop”

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