December At Fire Island National Seashore

Last week I went to the Fire Island National Seashore via the boardwalk at Robert Moses Field 5. I got there at midday and stayed to catch the sunset. This is one on my favorite places on the island.

Visiting Fire Island Lighthouse:

The boardwalk connecting Robert Moses and Fire Island is an easy walk through some dunes and scrub brush. It is very common to find deer along the way. Part way through, the boardwalk is interrupted by a road crossing.  If you are heading towards the lighthouse there is a trail to a viewing platform off to the left here that offers great views of the area. The boardwalk picks back up on the other side of the road and continues on to the lighthouse. Part way through the second section of the boardwalk, there is an offshoot to the right that will take you to a beach access path.

Once you get to the lighthouse you do have the option to go to the top of the lighthouse for a small donation. I posted a picture I took at the top in one of my previous posts. There is also a second building you can visit that has old lighthouse bulbs.

***When visiting please avoid feeding the deer. This teaches them to associate humans with a quick meal which can lead to more collisions with vehicles.***

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