RVA Wildlife

This is a collection of wildlife photos I have gotten while exploring Richmond. The James River provides a great habitat for so many species. I hope you like them! For those who want to get to know the wildlife here in Richmond better, you can visit the Osprey Cam provided by Friends of the JamesContinue reading “RVA Wildlife”

December At Fire Island National Seashore

Last week I went to the Fire Island National Seashore via the boardwalk at Robert Moses Field 5. I got there at midday and stayed to catch the sunset. This is one on my favorite places on the island. Visiting Fire Island Lighthouse: The boardwalk connecting Robert Moses and Fire Island is an easy walkContinue reading “December At Fire Island National Seashore”

The Deer Of Long Island

The deer of Long Island are fascinating to me. Back home in Northern New York, deer flee the second they see humans. This of course is due to the fact that hunting is a more common practice upstate. Hunting is not nearly as prevalent here on Long Island. Most deer are still fairly skittish hereContinue reading “The Deer Of Long Island”

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