Acadian Dreams

In August 2019 I spent about a week in Acadia National Park. I had never been to Maine before but I had always wanted to go. I had a wonderful time exploring the region and taking in all the sights. One of the highlights was a wildlife boat tour with Sea Princess Cruises. We alsoContinue reading “Acadian Dreams”

December At Fire Island National Seashore

Last week I went to the Fire Island National Seashore via the boardwalk at Robert Moses Field 5. I got there at midday and stayed to catch the sunset. This is one on my favorite places on the island. Visiting Fire Island Lighthouse: The boardwalk connecting Robert Moses and Fire Island is an easy walkContinue reading “December At Fire Island National Seashore”

Waters of Long Island & NYC

Whether it is fresh, salt or somewhere in between, I absolutely love the water. I love how powerful the water can be one minute and how calm it can be the next. Long Island has some great waterways and if you live in the area, I hope you get to spend some time enjoying them.

Suns Getting Real Low

We are at the time of year again where the days are getting shorter and the sun is setting earlier. If you are able to bundle up and face the dropping temperatures, you can get some great sunset shots even in the fall/winter. This is a collection of my best sunset photos. These were takenContinue reading “Suns Getting Real Low”

The Deer Of Long Island

The deer of Long Island are fascinating to me. Back home in Northern New York, deer flee the second they see humans. This of course is due to the fact that hunting is a more common practice upstate. Hunting is not nearly as prevalent here on Long Island. Most deer are still fairly skittish hereContinue reading “The Deer Of Long Island”

Location, Location, Location: My Top 5 Favorite Long Island Photo Spots

  Since moving to Long Island I have tried to make a conscious effort to explore a decent portion of the area. While exploring I have found five places I love to photograph more than anywhere else. One thing all of these locations have in common is that they are great places to find wildlife.Continue reading “Location, Location, Location: My Top 5 Favorite Long Island Photo Spots”

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