Revisiting Norman J Levy Park

The day after Christmas, I revisited Norman J Levy Park. I went with a good friend of mine in search of the Northern Shrike. We were lucky enough to spot the mysterious little bird several times and I even managed to get some photos. These birds are not common to this area but will occasionally make an appearance. I had never seen a shrike before so it was quite exciting to add one to my life list!

Aside from the shrike, we were also lucky enough to spot a peregrine falcon, a red tailed hawk, several bufflehead (that were too far away for photos) and mallards. We also saw a large amount of geese, including some that were leucistic. We also ran into a herd of goats that were busy “mowing the lawn”. The goats were chaperoned by a park worker and slowly meandered around the top of the hill. One was incredibly interested in my camera strap and decided to investigate it!

This park is free to visit and definitely worth the trip. There are several maps on the grounds that show your current location. The trails are mostly flat and very easy to walk along. While this park seems to be very popular with joggers, there is something for everyone there!

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