Revisiting Norman J Levy Park

The day after Christmas, I revisited Norman J Levy Park. I went with a good friend of mine in search of the Northern Shrike. We were lucky enough to spot the mysterious little bird several times and I even managed to get some photos. These birds are not common to this area but will occasionallyContinue reading “Revisiting Norman J Levy Park”

Norman J Levy Park & Preserve

Last week I went to Norman J Levy Park to catch the sunset. There is a tall hill in the park that gives you a great view of the surrounding areas. The windmill on top of the hill acts as a great subject when shooting the sunset. I was using a wide angle lens andContinue reading “Norman J Levy Park & Preserve”

Waters of Long Island & NYC

Whether it is fresh, salt or somewhere in between, I absolutely love the water. I love how powerful the water can be one minute and how calm it can be the next. Long Island has some great waterways and if you live in the area, I hope you get to spend some time enjoying them.

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