For The Birds: Black Vultures

Black Vultures are one of the vulture species that call North America home. They are about the same size as Turkey Vultures but they lack the red head. Like their red-headed cousins, Black Vultures can often be seen riding thermals looking for carrion. I got these particular shots at Harper’s Ferry. For more information onContinue reading “For The Birds: Black Vultures”

RVA Wildlife

This is a collection of wildlife photos I have gotten while exploring Richmond. The James River provides a great habitat for so many species. I hope you like them! For those who want to get to know the wildlife here in Richmond better, you can visit the Osprey Cam provided by Friends of the JamesContinue reading “RVA Wildlife”

Lido Beach Passive Nature Area

I have been to this preserve twice now and I have really enjoyed both trips. There is an easily walked trail system with several educational signs along the way. The trails go through marshy and more grassy terrain providing great opportunities to see diverse wildlife. Should the need arise, there is also a small trailContinue reading “Lido Beach Passive Nature Area”

Massapequa Preserve

I have visited Massapequa Preserve several times and I really enjoy it. The preserve is several hundreds of acres and it is very well maintained. When you visit, you can chose to walk, hike bike or even fish. I have also found it to be a great spot for birding. There is a large amountContinue reading “Massapequa Preserve”

Revisiting Norman J Levy Park

The day after Christmas, I revisited Norman J Levy Park. I went with a good friend of mine in search of the Northern Shrike. We were lucky enough to spot the mysterious little bird several times and I even managed to get some photos. These birds are not common to this area but will occasionallyContinue reading “Revisiting Norman J Levy Park”

Peculiar Parakeets

Monk Parakeets are small, green birds that are native to South America. They are communal birds that build giant nests in tall trees or on light fixtures. The most interesting thing about them is that the seem to be taking root in colder areas and thriving. There are several colonies of them on Long IslandContinue reading “Peculiar Parakeets”

For The Birds – Wonderful Waterfowl

This time of year is great for seeing waterfowl. Several ducks are migrating to their wintering grounds so there is a large variety of species. I affectionately call this time of year “weird duck time”. I have spent more time than I would like to admit sitting on a cold beach looking ducks that areContinue reading “For The Birds – Wonderful Waterfowl”

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