Revisiting the Poe Museum

Here are some pictures I took while revisiting the Poe Museum in Richmond. It was a great time and I got to visit with Pluto again! While I was here I was also able to retake a picture I took last time just more in focus! here is the new photo compared to the oldContinue reading “Revisiting the Poe Museum”

The Richmond Poe Museum

On Sunday I took a trip to the Poe Museum here in Richmond. Edgar Allan Poe is very well known in Baltimore history, but he was actually born in RVA. The museum grounds have several buildings that chronicle Poe’s life. There is also a pair of black cats that call this museum home. The oldestContinue reading “The Richmond Poe Museum”

Pluto The Poe Museum Cat

The Poe Museum in Richmond has two resident black cats, Pluto and Edgar. According to their Instagram account, the boys were found as small kittens in the shrine area. The pair enjoys greeting guests and roaming the grounds. Donations to the museum cover their food and medical care. During my visit, Pluto gave me aContinue reading “Pluto The Poe Museum Cat”

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