Belle Isle Hydro Plant

Belle Isle is home to a rich history and several ruins. In this particular post, I want to focus on the abandoned hydro plant. The hydro plant was built during the early 1900s then eventually became obsolete and was abandoned. Today, the plant is a frequent stop for spray paint artists. Drone footage of theContinue reading “Belle Isle Hydro Plant”

100 Miles in 100 Days

This summer I did the 100 miles in 100 days challenge put on by the Girls Who Hike Virginia group. The challenge technically ends today but due to my schedule, my actual last hiking day was Friday. I hit mile 100 on day 86 and finished the challenge with a total of 110.04 miles logged.Continue reading “100 Miles in 100 Days”

Belle Isle, Richmond

Belle Isle is a small island in the James River that is very popular with locals and tourists. There are several thoughtfully planned trails that are great for hikers and mountain bikers. There is also a skills area available for people with the appropriate bikes. During my wandering, I saw kayakers and free climbers takingContinue reading “Belle Isle, Richmond”

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