River Inhabitants

Here are some photos I took recently of the the inhabitants of the James River. I have posted about them several times before, but as long as they keep posing for me, I am going to keep “shooting”! I hope you like these shots!

River Long Exposures

I was able to try long exposure photography again a few weeks ago. This year for Christmas I got a new monopod that I got to use for this. I set my camera up on the monopod, attached a variable neutral density filter to my lenses and used my remote shutter. What that all means:Continue reading “River Long Exposures”

Red Shouldered Hawk

This Friday while out wandering, I happened to find a Red Shouldered Hawk along the bridge I was walking on. Several onlookers stopped to watch the bird for a second. One person stated that this bird and its mate frequent this area and have been spotted several times there. I hope you enjoy these photos!Continue reading “Red Shouldered Hawk”

James River Cityscapes

This is a collection of photographs I took recently around the James River in Richmond. Even though the city is surrounding the river, it is still an amazing place to experience nature. I love that I live in a place that can offer me both the city and a piece of the great outdoors. IContinue reading “James River Cityscapes”

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