James River Cityscapes

This is a collection of photographs I took recently around the James River in Richmond. Even though the city is surrounding the river, it is still an amazing place to experience nature. I love that I live in a place that can offer me both the city and a piece of the great outdoors. IContinue reading “James River Cityscapes”

Gray Day on Belle Isle

This weekend, I spent a gray day on Belle Isle. On my walk back from Belle Isle I ended up getting caught in the rain, but it was worth it. The rain mixed with the lack of sun made the walk home a bit cold, but I stopped for a hot drink on the wayContinue reading “Gray Day on Belle Isle”

Fall In RVA Pt I

This is my first fall in RVA. The timing has been different than it is back in New York so I have been a bit thrown off.  I am thoroughly enjoying it however. The other day, I walked all around the city taking pictures along the river. I ended up taking so many that IContinue reading “Fall In RVA Pt I”

Richmond Slave Trail Pt. II

A few months back I posted about the Richmond Slave Trail. Recently, I was able to explore the end of trail that I missed on my first visit. I started by crossing the Mayo Bridge and then took the paved path on the Manchester Side. I went under the Mayo Bridge, a train track andContinue reading “Richmond Slave Trail Pt. II”

Around the James Again

If you have been following this blog for a while now, I’m sure that at this point you have figured out that I am obsessed with the James River. I love the fact that Richmond built itself around the river without taking too much away from it’s natural beauty. Here is another set of photosContinue reading “Around the James Again”

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