100 Miles in 100 Days

This summer I did the 100 miles in 100 days challenge put on by the Girls Who Hike Virginia group. The challenge technically ends today but due to my schedule, my actual last hiking day was Friday. I hit mile 100 on day 86 and finished the challenge with a total of 110.04 miles logged. Being that this was my first summer in Virginia, I’m very happy that I got to spend my time off doing this. While some of my miles came on familiar trails, I did spend plenty of time exploring new places! I hit mile 100 while exploring a new part of Belle Isle I had not been to before. After this, I still had some energy left so I went to the Pottersfield Bridge and the Floodwall.

My reward for finishing was a tasty Nightingale Ice Cream Sandwich. It’s not really relevant to the post but they are quite tasty and the company is local to Richmond.

Weird Side Note: While I was on the Pottersfield Bridge, I saw a ring-necked duck. It is unusual to see this species of duck in this area this time of year. It was diving in the river looking for food! Coming early seemed to give the bird some easy feeding opportunities.


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