100 Miles in 100 Days

This summer I did the 100 miles in 100 days challenge put on by the Girls Who Hike Virginia group. The challenge technically ends today but due to my schedule, my actual last hiking day was Friday. I hit mile 100 on day 86 and finished the challenge with a total of 110.04 miles logged.Continue reading “100 Miles in 100 Days”

Richmond’s Buttermilk Trail

On Friday I spent the day hiking around the James River. My main focus was the James River Park System’s Buttermilk Trail. This trail is used for hiking and mountain biking. I did this trail along with some other areas so it ended up being close to a ten mile hike. This is the routeContinue reading “Richmond’s Buttermilk Trail”

T. Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge

The T. Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge is a pedestrian footbridge that connects Brown’s Island to the Manchester area of Richmond. It is named after an architect that worked here in Richmond. It was built on top of an old concrete damn and has several informational placards detailing the history of the area. You can getContinue reading “T. Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge”

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