Sky After The Storm

On Friday, we had a big storm here in Richmond. We even had a tornado warning in place for a while! We didn’t get any major damage but the storm was wild. After the storm passed, I went to Jefferson Park to take pictures. I didn’t get a great sunset due to all of the cloudsContinue reading “Sky After The Storm”

Libby Hill Park Sunset

Libby Hill Park is an amazing place in Richmond to catch the sunset. This park overlooks downtown and one of the many rail lines running through the city. Several people gather here at sunset but there are plenty of places to sit or stand to enjoy a date (a couple actually got engaged behind meContinue reading “Libby Hill Park Sunset”

Norman J Levy Park & Preserve

Last week I went to Norman J Levy Park to catch the sunset. There is a tall hill in the park that gives you a great view of the surrounding areas. The windmill on top of the hill acts as a great subject when shooting the sunset. I was using a wide angle lens andContinue reading “Norman J Levy Park & Preserve”

Sunset At Port Washington Bay Walk

Last night I went to the Port Washington Bay Walk to test out some new equipment. I was able to catch a great sunset on the water with some very cooperative clouds. I used a 50mm lens and a wide angle lens to capture these. I did not use any filters this time because IContinue reading “Sunset At Port Washington Bay Walk”

Sunset At Point Lookout

Last night after work I took a drive to catch the sunset at Point Lookout. It was about 50 degrees out and there was a light breeze. The cooler temperature meant there was only a handful of other people around. Since I had a bit of time before sunset to prepare, I decided to playContinue reading “Sunset At Point Lookout”

Suns Getting Real Low

We are at the time of year again where the days are getting shorter and the sun is setting earlier. If you are able to bundle up and face the dropping temperatures, you can get some great sunset shots even in the fall/winter. This is a collection of my best sunset photos. These were takenContinue reading “Suns Getting Real Low”

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