Exploring Rockwood Park

Rockwood Park has a rather easy trail system that I thoroughly enjoy exploring. A stretch of the orange trails hugs the banks of a private pond. While I cannot go in the pond, I love seeing the wildlife that calls it home. I have never seen so many wild turtles and dragonflies in one place!Continue reading “Exploring Rockwood Park”

Rockwood Park Nature Center

On my most recent trip to Rockwood Park, I was able to visit their newly renovated nature center. The nature center is free to enter, as it is paid for my tax money collected by the local government. It was a nice stop at the end of a very sweaty hike!

Baby Toad In The Leaves

On a hike last month, I made a fantastic discovery. While I was wandering along, I saw a very small object moving across the trail. Upon further inspection I found a very small toad! This little creature was very polite and let me do a little photo shoot! I have included a a photo ofContinue reading “Baby Toad In The Leaves”

Box Turtle

On a recent hike, I stumbled upon this little guy crossing the trail. I stopped to let him cross, but instead of continuing on he stopped to watch me. To keep from spooking him, I sat on the ground until he decided to continue on his way. Eastern Box Turtles are terrestrial turtles that liveContinue reading “Box Turtle”

My First Rockwood Park Visit

I recently took my first hike after moving to Virginia. I went to a park in Chesterfield County called Rockwood Park. There is a well marked trail system that snakes through the park. There is a nature center as well, though it was closed until 4/1 for renovations so I did not get go duringContinue reading “My First Rockwood Park Visit”

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